Start conquering the world in Santurce

Being on top of the world never seemed easier. Santurce Suites, Piloto 151’s second location, is just steps aways from inspiration in the heart of Santurce. Santurce is a cultural hot spot for art, music, cuisine, fashion, hotels, technology and startups. Close deals faster with La Placita as your backyard.

Your space + team space + huddle space = Sweet Suite.

You’re a powerhouse. We’re the house for people like you. 7,000 square feet with incredible views of Santurce, your own furnished, private suite that seats 2-12 people, and complimentary concierge services. Sweet.

Concierge Included

You’re changing the world one client at a time. We’re your biggest fans. We’ll help you navigate the island for a smooth landing, no red tape.

Your membership includes a full suite of concierge services, guiding you through relocation process, setting up of your utility bills, getting a local driver’s license, as well as connecting you with references for doctors, schools, and more.

The Perks

With perks that include complimentary concierge services, state of the art conference room and amenities, a shared receptionist to greet guests and receive calls, huddle spaces for teams… you just plug and play.

The perks of Suites

Fiber optic high speed Internet and security is provided by our partners who offer our members an unparalleled experience.