Last year I wrote about how yoga can benefit you and your body. But what about where, when, and how will you do yoga? Look no further, my friends! This is a curated list of places to go, apps to get, and where to get the tools to start to yoga. (If you prefer other exercise methods, scroll down.)

A good way to start is by joining a yoga studio. Why? Because even though it looks easy, it’s NOT. There are a lot of small things to learn (even the way you will breathe is different) and no better way to learn directly telling you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. They will guide you and instruct you every step of the way. After this, you will be ready to take on the practice on your own. But, are there any yoga studios in Puerto Rico? Yes, there are and they are pretty great.


  • Casa Yoga – located in the heart of Santurce, Casa Yoga (Yoga Home) is the place to go to feel quite literally at home. It’s small and welcoming, the staff is amazing, and if you are looking for something outside of the Santurce area, don’t worry, they recently opened up a place in Guaynabo. Did I mention they also sell yoga goods? Yes, they do! And if yoga isn’t enough, they got Pilates! Check out their Instagram and get your yoga on! It reopens this Monday, June 29.
  • Mind Body Parlor – This yoga studio is located in Miramar. They offer yoga classes during the entire day, have nice special offers and events, and also offer Pilates classes.
  • Ashtanga Yoga PR – Located in Condado, Ashtanga Yoga offers classes for every level, from beginners to advanced. If you’re looking to become a yoga teacher yourself, they offer an extensive yoga teacher training program. They also sell yoga mats at their studio, specifically Manduka mats, which are considered by many the best out there.

Now that you’re ready to take on a routine by yourself and visit the App Store, you notice a trillion (not really, but you get what I’m saying) of yoga apps! Lucky for you, I’ve tried them all, and here are my favorites:

  • Yoga Studio – it’s super easy to use, with classes for all levels and needs. Still a beginner, there’s a class for you. Feeling intermediate? There’s also a class for you. Something quick? Yes. Something that takes more time? Also, yes. Want to practice your salutations? YES! It really has a bit of everything.
  • Pocket Yoga – If you’re feeling like something a little bit more intense, and you want to break a sweat, this is the app for you. This is basically the HIIT of yoga. Enjoy!
  • Down Dog – This app is super special because you can really customize your class. You can choose the type of class, the level, the length, and even the music!


Don’t think I forgot about your gear! It’s important to have the right accessories. The mat is of course one of the most important things. Blocks are super helpful while you’re still a beginner. Yoga in the nude is a thing, but nothing gives me more motivation than some comfortable yoga pants.

  • Amazon – You will find it all, including your best yoga gear.
  • Lululemon – Feel like splurging? This is the place to go. The quality of the clothing is amazing, and you’re going to want to wear Lululemon all day long. Also, try Gym Shark!
  • YogaOutlet – The name says it all!

Even though yoga is one of my favorite ways to exercise, not everyone feels the same. I’ve added below other wellness apps the Piloto crew is using to stay healthy and feel healthy. Find what is right for you and your lifestyle.

  • Fit Boxing: this local kickboxing gym has been doing Instagram Lives and posted workout routines that you can still find on their IG page. Highly recommended as a stress relief! You also don’t need a boxing bag to sweat. The gym recently opened, and as always, they offer one complimentary class as a free trial. Use their app to schedule a class. Not planning on visiting a gym anytime soon? Try one of their online workouts in IG or schedule a Zoom group class. 🥊
  • Rachael’s Good Eats: Rachael DeVaux is a registered dietitian and trainer that has been kicking our butts with her routines since quarantine. Her blog is a good resource for healthy recipes, workout supplements, and at-home workout equipment. If you live in an apartment building, she has some neighbor-friendly workout routines and has been raising money for various Black Lives Matter organizations during her Instagram Lives.
  • Seven – If you have a busy schedule, this app is made for you. The HIIT app offers curated routines that take only seven minutes. Looking for a bit more? That’s cool, you can customize the time duration of the workout, and even create your own. And if you don’t have accessories, that’s no problem.. all you need to do have is MOTIVATION!
  • Nike Run Club – I’m not a runner, but I know a lot of people that are, and this app is perfect for it. It gives you details about your run, offers motivational playlists, guided runs, and custom distance challenges. If you are starting out and want to try a safe outdoor space, try the Paseo Lineal in Bayamón. It has beautiful scenery and recently opened from 5 AM – 7 PM.
  • Home Workout – Have workout accessories, but don’t know what to do with them? Or maybe you don’t have workout accessories and still don’t know what to do! This app provides daily workout routines for your entire body. 
  • Tone It Up: Made for women by women! The best part: includes exercise programs for moms (postnatal) and moms to be (prenatal), as well as for newcomers to strength training. Try it out with a 1-week free trial.
  • BBG: Kayla Itneses co-created the Bikini Body Guides (BBG), 28-minute workouts to help you increase your fitness and strength, whether you are a beginner or are ready for a new challenge. You can plan your workouts, nutrition guides, and track your weekly progression. Try her app Sweat with a free trial.
  • Melissa Wood Health: Melissa Woods is the creator of the MWHmethod, all about moving your entire body using precise, low impact movements, mindful eating, and meditation.
  • Recipe Keeper or Paprika: “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE”… 👉🏼 your reaction after downloading any recipe management app. Easily collect, save, and organize your yummy recipes (handwritten ones or online), create a shopping list, and meal plan your week. Thank us later.


We’d love to hear your suggestions! We love trying new things and sharing them with the community.