Codetrotters graduates 30 more new students in front-end development and Javascript, making the total graduate count to date 75. As a final group project, they each presented an MVP website with a unique functionality.

It’s great to see professionals from diverse industries, presenting clear actionable opportunities for their respective employers to drive value to their business. Codetrotters represents an opportunity for companies to enable their employees to tap into new, infinite potential!


A graduate, Omar Balaguer @obro23, even invoked The Karate Kid in his presentation, comparing how learning Javascript felt like «sanding the floor and painting the fence» only to then be able to build a real estate gaming website – the championship moment!

Another student presented a Javascript game he developed, to cheers from the audience:

The event was held at Piloto151 Gallery – for event reservations at Piloto151 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, contact us here!