Casa Grande plays a big role in the digital economy and has been the pioneer of OE Foundation for over 14 years.

It is true that kindness has many forms. No matter how big or small, acts of kindness can impact a community. This year we join the Giving Tuesday campaign to support the OE Foundation.

OE Foundation’s main goal is to inspire change towards the teaching and learning processes of STEM. Giving Tuesday is a worldwide movement and is celebrated today Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

In an exchange of questions and answers with Soraya M. Sesto-Martínez, OE Foundation leader and partner, and member of Piloto, we had the opportunity to learn more about their vision and commitment towards supporting Puerto Rico’s youth.

OE Foundation leader and partner, and member of Piloto, Soraya M. Sesto-Martínez (Brandon Cruz González via El Vocero).

What does giving mean to you?

“Giving” is using powerful tools such as knowledge, skills, and wealth to make a difference. It is a way of expressing gratefulness for having one or all of these in a pragmatic way.

Tommy Torres shares “The Magic Behind Giving” (via OE Foundation).

What drives you?

As the founder of OE Foundation, I am driven by our youth, and by a vision of a better quality of life brought about through education, opportunities, experiences, and motivation.

At OE Foundation – Innovative Technology for Education, we are driven by the power of Education to increase productivity and creativity and promote entrepreneurship and technological advances. We seek to harness this transformative power to help fuel economic and social progress for children in Puerto Rico and other geographies with large student populations of Puerto Rican and Hispanic/Latino origin.

We endeavor to achieve this by expanding their possibilities for academic success, providing teachers, students, parents, and school communities the necessary technology, professional development, and technical support to assist them in achieving educational goals through technology-enabled education and school community engagement activities and programs.”

Innovative Technology for Education (via Foundation OE). 

How did OE come to be?

OE Foundation was established in 2007 by Casa Grande Interactive Communications Inc., a pioneer developer of educational programs and digital tools, as a viable alternative to address the education and development needs of a growing number of students facing social, economic, and learning challenges that hinder them from developing their full potential.

The Foundation develops initiatives whereby platforms, services, and programs are made accessible to students with a variety of educational needs. It was also envisioned that the Foundation would develop projects to promote student enthusiasm and motivation to remain in school, and ultimately aspire to obtain a college or technical school degree.

To make our operations viable the OE Foundation seeks donors and sponsors, to join other supporters, such as Liberty Foundation, Titin Foundation, Colibri Foundation, HP, P&G, First Bank, Fundación Mano Amiga, Fundación Flamboyán, Casa Grande Interactive, and others, which are key supporters via yearly in-kind and cash contributions.

The New Virtual School (via Foundation OE). 

How has the OE Foundation supported Puerto Rico’s school system through trying times as Hurricane María, the earthquakes, and the pandemic?

Our students and teachers have been left to fend for themselves. The Third Sector has taken the lead and our OE Foundation took the initiative to support thousands of students and teachers in the most affected communities in Puerto Rico.

We developed a program called ‘Give the Virtual School to a Child’ which offered our award-winning LMS to thousands of students and teachers around the island. That number has recently reached 8000 plus students and teachers who are requesting our support.

Learn about the experience of the José Severo Quiñones School in Carolina in the use of the platform of La Nueva Escuela Virtual after the earthquake happenings in Puerto Rico (“The Magic Behind Giving” via OE Foundation). 

How has OE Foundation supported teachers and students to get engaged in STEM?

The OE in our name stands for Operación Exito (Operation Success), an online and live academic tournament where students compete by answering math and science questions to win real-life adventures and prizes. It has been a long-standing initiative successfully implemented by the Foundation and is our flagship program.

Students put their academic skills to the test while practicing math and science concepts during a series of competitions and adventures. All the content is aligned with STEM careers to motivate and expand the horizons of K-12 students. Operación Éxito and its live competitions are a successful and proven strategy to unravel the exciting world of science and math to students.

Tommy Torres supports The New Virtual School and shares with the OE Foundation The Magic Behind Giving (via OE Foundation).

What encouraging words would you like to share with teachers right now?

If recent events have taught us anything, it is that it’s the teacher who makes the difference, not the four walls of a classroom. Teachers who embraced technology as a way to succeed in the distance learning environment are now empowered to discover and develop new ways to engage and enthrall their students.

Teachers making a difference (via OE Foundation).

What podcasts or books are you into these days?

I have been reading a book by Giancarlo González, “From Intention to Action, a Plan for the Digitalization of Puerto Rico”, and a second book “La conspiración de Madrigal” by Dr. Agustín Galán about a conspiracy to bring back King Sebastián of Portugal to the throne.

I have been watching “The Chosen”, a crowdfunding phenomenon drama series about the lives of Jesus’ disciples.

Soraya’s books and series pick (via Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes).
When you give, you always receive!

What do you get when you donate to the OE Foundation? You experience the satisfaction of contributing to a Puerto Rican institution with a successful track record in improving the quality. of education for teachers and students in Puerto Rico. More than 8,000 people benefit daily.

The time to inspire change towards the teaching and learning processes of STEM with the OE Foundation starts now! All #GivingTuesday donations will be open until December 30th.