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The Third Annual Tech Summit Puerto Rico brought together high ranking government officials and technology leaders to a host of different players in government and technology to push the boundaries of government redesign and transformation. Leading this dialogue were international key players such as Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, and Jennifer Pahlka, founder of Code for America. 

Yet what was evident in the summit was the wealth of local initiatives that will transform our government through technological initiatives, and ultimately grow the start and tech ecosystem in Puerto Rico. We are incredibly proud and honored to call one of those leaders in the local community our very own Sofía Stolberg, co-founder of Piloto 151 and Piloto Labs. 

What is Piloto Labs? 

Piloto Labs is a recently launched community based organization that consolidates all of the grass roots organizations and movements in the startup and tech ecosystem in Puerto Rico in an effort to double down on their impact and create innovate programs, events, and activities that continue to foster a more robust ecosystem. 

The Strategy behind the Magic

Piloto Labs strives to serve as a Hub for the startup, tech and creative community, co-launching and creating dozens of events to motivate potential entrepreneurs and students. It creates networking & growth opportunities for investors, mentors, support organizations, students, hackers, and entrepreneurs at different stages and from different walks of life. Dozens of events and speaker series are hosted by the Piloto Labs community, featuring local and foreign entrepreneurial success stories and creating the environment for high impact collisions to take place and take flight.

Piloto Labs also operates as a Launchpad for high potential entrepreneurs. By sponsoring hackathons, code jams, and maker workshops, Piloto Labs continues to foster innovative thinking and creativity. Moreover, once entrepreneurs launch their startups, the Piloto Labs community continues to support them through various competitions, and through mentoring programs and founder showcases outside of Puerto Rico geared at globalizing entrepreneurs’ mindset.

Finally, Piloto Labs innovates and fills in the gaps in our local ecosystem through its Labs. These build the foundation for success for our community. Amongst the initiatives proposed through the Labs are: Womentechover, created to showcase successful women in tech and continue the conversation; the BOOM Maker Challenge and the first edition of the Design & Maker’s Forum, created to help artists build and create better and more innovative products through collaboration.

Piloto Labs is impact and innovation through collaboration. 

Together, as a community we accomplish what no single organization or movement can accomplish on its own. We are the revolutionaries that will transform Puerto Rico’s economy.