This week Puerto Rico’s Second Annual Startup Investment Forum invited keynote speakers Randy Thompson and Ken Kay to share their insight about the local early stage venture investment scene. A panel of local investors also discussed the state of the financing ecosystem in Puerto Rico and shared their experiences and insights on provoking the launch and scale of more investable startups on the Island.  Investors, entrepreneurs and members of the startup and tech scene came together around a shared vision of growth. We have the potential to grow; let’s grow together.

10 things we learned at the Second Annual Startup Investment Forum:

1. We need to start thinking more globally, less locally. 

2. There is nothing more important than cash management.

3. Don’t raise capital when you are cash-strapped and in trouble; raise it when you have leverage.

4. Respect and deserve capital.

5. Money follows good people.

6. Don’t be a zombie venture, operating even though you are insolvent or near bankruptcy.

7. If you fail once, the second time you are much more investable from an investor’s perspective.

8. We have the talent, we do not need to go out and find it.

9. Puerto Rico has some investable early stage ventures and a lot of potential to increase this pipeline and turn more early-stage ventures into successful high growth companies.

10. Puerto Rico’s local startup and tech ecosystem not only exists, it is growing exponentially.

The Startup Investment Forum, sponsored by Founder’s Institute, Grupo Guayacán, Piloto 151 & Piloto Labs is one of many events held throughout the year to spark debate and conversation amongst people from all walks of life. We are on the brink of an entrepreneurial revolution and we want you to be a part of it! Join the movement towards more growth and innovation and make a difference today! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, and Instagram for more upcoming events, including Tech Week starting May 7th, 2015!