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From fast-tracked permitting, a prime business address, and mail management, to access to our coworking space, member discounts and events, VOIP set up and more, the Piloto Virtual Office membership takes care of everything so you can focus on what you do best. Complement your membership with Soft Landing services, a one-stop-shop to start and grow your business including certification under Act 20, Act 22, and the rest of Puerto Rico’s world-class tax incentives.

The perks of virtual offices

Go virtual

Our virtual office plan is perfect for the on-the-go entrepreneur that needs a place to call home. It includes a prime business address, mail management services, fast-tracked permitting, 1 conference room hour (40% off extra hours), 3 day passes, and access to our exclusive member-only events, online community, and benefits program.

Exclusive in Old San Juan

$75/ MONTH
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Add Day Passes to your Virtual Membership

Need more than 3 day passes? Add-on more days to cowork! If you’re a Virtual Global member, you can use them at any Piloto 151 location. Get unlimited use of our inviting open space layout, indoor/outdoor lounges & communal areas, Gigabit1 by Aeronet & Wi-Fi, coffee, tea and snacks… all the essentials to get things done.


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Add-on Services for Virtual Members

Discounts that
make you smile

With your member-only Piloto Benefits card, enjoy discounts and special offers from cloud services, restaurants, hotels, parking lots, insurance providers, and more.

Take your Virtual Membership global 

with our Global Pass.

As a Virtual Global member, use your complimentary conference room hours & day passes at any of our locations. 

$100 / month 


Tailor our services to your needs

Your Virtual Office Membership gives you access to premium services, just add on what you need. For a tailor-made membership, feel free to check out our Corporate Services.

Piloto’s All-Inclusive Amenities

Mail Management and Handling

Our exclusive digital mailbox is included in your membership…for free! You will be notified via native app alerts, text messaging, or emails of your new incoming mail, see a photo of every piece of correspondence and choose how to you want each piece handled.

High-Speed Internet

Connect through Wi-Fi to Aeronet’s Gigabit1. Stay secure with no interruptions with network redundancy and Fortinet’s internet security.

Copy Center with Business-Class Printer

As a Virtual member, you can print, scan to email, and make copies with our help. You will be charged: $0.10/copy for B&W and $0.20/copy for Color.

Open and inspiring common areas

Our indoor/outdoor terraces and lounges are tailor-made spaces perfect for quick meetings with a guest, take a call, and enjoy a coffee break.

Conference Rooms

As a Virtual/Virtual Global member, you get one (1) complimentary Conference Room hour to use throughout the month. Add more as you need with member discounts: $18/hour in Old San Juan; $30/hour in Santurce and Milla de Oro (40% member discount). Virtual members can use conference room hours exclusively in Old San Juan. Virtual Global members can book the conference room at any Piloto location.

Our Conference Rooms have capacity for 10-13 guests and are equipped with AV equipment. Book the conference room through your digital account in the Members Area or call the front desk of your location of choice.

Complimentary Goodies

Stocked kitchen with complimentary freshly-brewed coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks, and refrigerators and microwaves to prep your lunch.

Business Hours

Piloto staff is onsite Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for tours, reception services and front-desk help. Virtual memberships have access during regular business hours.

Private Phone Booths

Available in select locations, our phone booths are quiet spots to take a private call.


During the evening, our cleaning crew does their stuff to keep all Piloto locations looking their best. The refrigerator is cleaned out on Fridays in order to keep it fresh (except anything noted by a member).

Backup Power Generator

All Piloto 151 locations are equipped with power generators in case of emergencies or power outages.

Common Questions

What is the difference between Virtual & Virtual Global memberships?

A Virtual Membership ($75/month) enables entrepreneurs to work remotely, while enjoying the benefits of joining our community of doers. As a company, it lets you create and maintain a presence without the need of an actual space with access to a prime physical address.

Every month, you get 3 complimentary day passes and 1 complimentary conference room hour to use in our Old San Juan location. The day passes and conference room use are available during business hours (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday).

A Virtual Global Membership ($100/month) includes a Global Pass which lets you use your 3 day passes and book the conference room at any Piloto location. Mail pickup would be in our Old San Juan location.

What are day passes?

Our Daily Walk-In Plans are a relaxed option, with all the essentials to get things done. It provides access exclusively to coworking areas to work side-by-side with other Piloto 151 members in our open space layout and indoor/outdoor lounges & communal areas. It includes Aeronet’s Gigabit1 & Wi-Fi, and on-demand conference room usage at 20% discount.

All Day Passes are valid for 1 person per day from 9AM-6PM Monday to Friday.  Your complimentary day passes do not rollover.


  • ​1 day pass: $35.00
  • 5 day passes: $140.00
  • 10 day passes: $245.00​
  • 1 day pass at GLOBAL LOCATIONS: $50


  • ​1 day pass: $20.00
  • 5 day passes: $80.00
  • 10 day passes: $140.00​

Do day passes accumulate?

For Virtual & Virtual Global memberships, complimentary day passes do not rollover. You get 3 new day passes every month. Unused day passes expire and do not carry on to the next month.

If I have a Virtual Membership but wanted to use my day passes in Santurce or Milla de Oro?

You would need to add a Global Pass ($25/month) to use your day passes in our other locations. Our Virtual Membership is exclusive to Old San Juan. You could also upgrade to a Virtual Global Membership ($100/month) which includes a Global Pass.

What are your building hours? When are you open?

Piloto 151 staff are onsite between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM local time Monday through Friday. Day passes and conference room usage is available exclusively during these hours. For members with dedicated memberships, Estación, Estudio, or Suite membership, your location is accessible 24/7.

Is the membership a flat payment? Are there additional charges to my monthly recurring payment?

If you need any additional services, typical charges range from mail forwarding, copy center printing, additional day passes, conference hours, and parking. You can also get 10% discount on your monthly membership with a 1 year commitment and 15% discount with a 2 year commitment.

– Conference Room Hours: 40% Member Discount (Full Price/Member Discount)

  • Old San Juan: $30 / hour / $18
  • Santurce: $50/$30
  • Milla De Oro: $50/$30

– Copy Center Charges

  • Black & White printing (per sheet printed): $0.10 USD
  • Color printing (per sheet printed): $0.20 USD

– Mail Center Charges

  • Scans: $1.00 per piece of correspondence
  • Forwarding: Depends on carrier, destination and service. We use USPS Flat Rate unless otherwise specified. A $2.00 Handling Fee applies to all mail forwarding.

– Parking Old San Juan:

  • La Puntilla ($50/month)
  • Ballaja ($168/month)
  • La Cochera ($200-350/month)
  • El Convento ($255/month)

– Parking Santurce Suites

  • Valera ($80/month)

– Parking Milla De Oro

  • In Building ($90/month)

– Extra Member Fee (Private Offices only; per member per month)*: $100.00 USD

– Access Key Card Replacement Fee: $25.00 USD

– Office Key Replacement Fee: $5.00 USD

How does permitting work?

Our Virtual Office membership let’s you work under our Use Permit and our business address.
You can cross that off your list.

  • Use Permit (Permiso de Uso): Once you have a business address and location, you need certifications for: health, fire and environment; all building plans and those surrounding area, titles, deed or leasing contract, etc. And, for 99.9% of the cases (don’t quote us), you can’t use a residential address for business purposes.
  • Carta Consulta: To work under our Use Permit, you need a Carta de Consulta provided by the San Juan Municipality.

Our permitting agent offers Piloto members discounts for services. There are two other main permits you need to operate legally, additional to the Use Permit, organization documents and EIN (1) number.

  • Merchant’s Registration Certificate (Registro de Comerciante)
  • Municipal Business License (Patente Municipal)

Check out more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

What time periods can I book the conference room?

Our conference room can be booked in 30 minute intervals from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Reservations outside of these times are subject to availability and an after-hour fee will be applied.

“Piloto 151 - both the physical space and the team of pros that run it - is warm, welcoming and world-class! On all counts, it puts many similar operations in major cities to shame. It's one of the primary reasons I felt confident relocating my business to PR from NYC...and easily one of my favorite places in the world to plug in and let my ideas take flight. I'm Piloto's biggest fan!”
Josh Lewis, Force Interactive Media
“The Piloto staff is always smiling and helpful, ensuring that our mail is handled professionally and conveniently and supporting us with all our business needs. ”
Anders Aansen, Triton
“The Piloto team is a one-stop shop of world class mentors in all things startups, resourcing & staffing, business and life in Puerto Rico, and making the best transition possible for ultimate startup success.”
Jonathan Kotthoff, Migoiq

Our ergonomic chairs, Fiber optic high speed Internet and security are provided by our partners who offer our members unparalleled service.