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Our team shares a passion for entrepreneurship and its potential to dramatically transform economic landscapes. We are committed to providing virtual offices and a working environment that is conducive to increased productivity, innovation, creativity, and collaboration. 

Our story

Our founders, a brother and sister born and raised in Old San Juan, share a passion for entrepreneurship and its potential to dramatically transform economic landscapes. Piloto 151 was founded in October 2013 becoming Puerto Rico’s first and premier coworking space and growth platform for entrepreneurs.

In just over ten years since we opened our doors, we have played an active role in fostering growth and collaboration in Puerto Rico’s startup and tech community – making Piloto a home where entrepreneurs and creatives have access to virtual offices and physical workspaces that enable them to work, collaborate, and grow in an inspiring setting.

Our community has grown so much that we launched our own virtual mailbox app, PilotoMail, for members to view and manage their postal mail from anywhere in the world.

With a partnership base with just as many leading grassroots organizations, Piloto 151 can help you network with the local landscape and continue growing. Join our community of doers!

The Team

A diverse and dedicated team that complements each other, driven by a general sense of purpose to make a positive difference in Puerto Rico and the world.

Sofia Stolberg

CEO & Cofounder

Juan Carlos Stolberg


Eric Santos

Chief Technology Officer

Stephanie Drew

Marketing VP

Ivzalia Vega

Sales VP

Paola Sepúlveda

Operations Manager

Carolina Nieves

Sales & Marketing Manager

Angela Drew

Marketing Manager

Pablo Castellanos

Product Manager

Luis Miranda

Software Engineer

Mangie Sam Chi

Customer Success Manager

Nestor García

Operations Lead

Rocío García

Product Designer

Luis Rivera

Account Executive

Tanairy Batista

Sales Associate

Rose Rivera

Marketing Associate

Ana Noble

Operations Associate

Paola Rivera

Mail Specialist

Marielisa García

Mail Specialist