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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

At Piloto 151, we strive to create a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment for the benefit of our entire community. Our Community Guidelines define a set of norms and a common code of conduct at Piloto 151. To that end, we ask that all members follow the guidelines listed below.

How to be an
awesome coworker

Be Respectful

All members are expected to treat others with respect and must refrain from using hate speech, physical or verbal violence, or any other conduct that may be construed as derogatory or harmful to others in the community. Spread good vibes only.

Keep Piloto Looking Good
Take care of our coworking premises and equipment, clean up after yourself when using the common areas, and maintain your office clean and tidy.
  • Don’t spread your belongings across the entire table and chairs.
  • Don’t take items from our open areas into the offices.
Kitchen Etiquette

Clean up after yourself. The cleaning fairies only visit after business hours, so let’s help maintain a pleasant and inviting environment for ourselves and our coworkers.

  • Wash your dishes or put them in the dishwasher. Don’t leave them in the sink.
  • Return Piloto mugs, cups, and utensils to the kitchen.
  • The refrigerator is cleaned out every Friday except for anything labeled by a member. Nobody wants to play “What’s that smell?” on a Monday.
  • Don’t eat your coworker’s food. That’s just mean.
Don't Be the Loud Coworker

Lower your cell phone ringer and avoid loud conversations around the coworking areas. Also, using headphones instead of blasting your video calls and virtual meetings on speaker is way better. Your coworkers will thank you for it.

Be Considerate of Your Resources

Whether you’re using a phone booth, printer, or snacks, try to limit your usage to what you actually need. Leave some for the rest of us.

Book Phone Booth & Conference Rooms Before Use

Book and check in with Piloto staff before using a conference room and phone booth.

Leave the room presentable for the next coworker and ask Piloto staff if you can go over your allotted time.

Guest and Member Check-In

As a visitor, remote team member, or member using a day pass, swing by reception first to check in with Piloto staff.

Piloto 151 Policy

After-Hours Access
  • To members with after-hours access, we kindly ask that you turn off all lights and/or air conditioning before leaving.
  • Don’t bring guests into the space without staff present or written permission from Piloto staff. After-hours access is reserved for members only.
  • Don’t open doors to guests without after-hours access.

🔔  Piloto 151 reserves the right to revoke after-hours access at any time without prior notice.

Members are Responsible for Their Belongings

To ensure the safety of your personal belongings, do not leave your items, such as laptops or other electronic devices, unattended. 

🔔  Piloto 151 does not assume liability for any personal property or equipment lost, stolen, or damaged in or around the facilities.

Always Act Ethically and Lawfully

Avoid all situations and behaviors that may be construed as unethical, including solicitation of others’ clients. Refrain from all inappropriate or unlawful use of images, content, media, posts, blogs, files, software downloads, internet activities, and intellectual property. Lastly, the use of illegal substances is not allowed within our community.

Animal Policy

We’re big animal lovers, but we want to ensure everyone feels comfortable in our spaces. For that reason, no pets or other animals are allowed in our spaces (including public areas of the buildings where Pilotos are located).

We do make exceptions for service animals to provide accessibility for people with disabilities.

We’re a Smoke-Free Facility

Refrain from using e-cigarettes or vaporizers and smoking on any property area.

Photo and Video Shoots

Any professional photography, including headshots, and recordings must be scheduled ahead of time with Piloto 151 staff to accommodate our coworkers and ensure availability of our spaces.

Recordings must be publicly identified and participants must be given the option not to be recorded. Participants can request that their photos not be used for promotional purposes. To respect everyone’s privacy, participants must ask before taking pictures highlighting a small group or individual.

Questions or concerns?

Reach out via email or fill out our contact form.