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Miramar reception

With an investment of $800,000, Piloto 151, a leader in the coworking industry in Puerto Rico, announced the opening of its fifth location in the heart of Miramar, located in a historic house built by the architect Antonin Nechodoma in 1910. 

After Hours in Old San Juan

Picture this – tasty food, drinks, and dancing your worries away. The crew and members share their favorite spots to detox in Old San Juan.

Santurce Parada 18

Innovation in technology has made it possible for the business world to appreciate the benefits of hybrid and remote work. 

Laptop at a coworking space

Schedule your day and pencil in tasks with these tools to make daily life easier to manage.

Sofia Stolberg at Old San Juan

After a thorough application process and leadership vote, Piloto151 has been accepted as the newest member of The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC), the Puerto Rico-based coworking space announced.

With an array of benefits and essential features, virtual offices have become indispensable tools for various modern professionals.

A business address is not just an administrative detail; it’s a critical element for legal compliance, professional image, privacy, and mail management for your businesses.

Piloto 151 is proud to be a CMRA. We’re your personal mail concierge, providing private mailboxes, forwarding, and reshipping. Explore CMRA compliance, the golden ticket (Form PS 1583), and our identity verification process.

Coworking spaces offer more than just financial gains. They offer high-end amenities, a collaborative environment, and minimal distractions where you can focus on your work and be more productive.

SMART goals serve as a roadmap to help you see your progress and stay motivated. They also help you turn vague, general, or even overambitious goals that don’t get done into actionable ones.

Employees worldwide have made it clear: they want flexibility in how and where they work. A shift to hybrid working is now becoming a more permanent option across industries.

So you need a place for your business address and mail to call home? Choosing the proper address for your growing startup is important.

Working from home? Learn how to dig yourself out of a creative rut and tips to open your mind and stimulate great ideas.

Tips and best practices to help you maximize your productivity and well-being while working remotely.

Relocating to Puerto Rico

El Morro, Old San Juan

Here are the essentials on Puerto Rico’s tax incentives for small and medium businesses and individuals via Kevane Grant Thorton.

Puerto Rico provides accessibility, flexibility, and convenience for digital nomads to manage their businesses while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Traveling or moving to Puerto Rico and wondering how to get around? Navigating the island’s transportation options can be key to enjoying your stay or settling in comfortably.

A new electronic tag will replace the traditional car tag, or marbete, that is affixed to the front window of your vehicle. 

Coworking spaces offer a productivity paradise away from home distractions, providing peace, community, and essential perks to remote workers, transforming loneliness into social connection, and boosting overall work satisfaction.

This article aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about passport regulations when traveling to or residing in Puerto Rico.

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident in Puerto Rico requires a clear understanding of the necessary steps to ensure your safety and manage insurance claims effectively.

Did you get a new place in Puerto Rico and looking to settle into your new home quickly? Here is a guide on setting up your electricity, water, and internet utilities in your new place.

There are many eateries throughout the island that serve healthy, delicious food. Whether you’re into casual atmospheres or fine dining, you will find something you’ll love.

Looking to buy a home in Puerto Rico? Here is a step-by-step guide to Puerto Rico’s real estate and finding your Caribbean dream home.

A virtual office in Piloto means sporting a virtual mailbox to view and manage your mail from anywhere in the world.

Miramar is a trendy neighborhood just minutes away from Old San Juan. At the heart of Miramar is an architectural wonder, Casa Grande, which is now home to Piloto 151‘s newest coworking space.

When you send a vehicle from the United States to Puerto Rico, it is necessary to register your car title through CESCO. 

If you want to drive your car in Puerto Rico, you are going to need a marbete, your car’s vehicle registration. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to renew it.

SURI is a digital tool developed by the Department of Treasury (Hacienda) in Puerto Rico to streamline tax and revenue administration.

plaza in old san juan

Relocating your business and your life is a lot easier than what you imagine. We’ve put together a roadmap to success to walk you through everything, from getting your business up and running to making friends.

In Puerto Rico, businesses must present several documents and information to obtain permits and certificates to operate on the island.

Are you searching for the ideal candidate to join your organization? Here are a couple of tips for recruiting talent for your team in Puerto Rico. 

Let’s look at what you need to know about the Puerto Rico healthcare system, insurance options, and medical facilities you can find on the island.

Transferring Car Title

If you are moving to Puerto Rico from the States, you will need to get a local driver’s license. It can be easy and quick for a licensed US citizen.

View of Condado

Puerto Rico is made up of six different regions on the main island with 78 municipalities, including the smaller islands of Vieques and Culebra. 

Coworking lounge

A virtual office in Piloto means sporting a virtual mailbox to view and manage your mail from anywhere in the world.

Explore and embrace the natural beauty of the island’s great outdoors. There is something for everyone!

Having your own car to move around the island  is easier and more convenient. Follow these 8 steps to buy a car in Puerto Rico.

 If you live in hurricane-prone areas like Puerto Rico, it is crucial to be prepared for hurricane season, which starts June 1st.