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Santurce Parada 18

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Welcome aboard Parada 18

Explore our coworking space in San Juan’s colorful neighborhood of Santurce. Enjoy the comfort of cozy office spaces for smaller teams with all the perks of big, open coworking spaces to connect with our community of doers. Interested? Book a tour.

Journey through San Juan’s lively arts district

Located south of Condado is the vibrant neighborhood of Santurce – an epicenter of modern art, gastronomy, and startups. Surrounded by the Museum of Contemporary Art, the historic Cine Metro and startup accelerator Parallel18, our second coworking space in Santurce redefines the office for small teams, freelancers, and creatives.

Santurce Parada 18 buildings

Browse our memberships

Join our community of doers with the membership that fits your needs. Our virtual membership is the starting point to help you grow. 

Virtual Office

Virtual memberships

A physical business address, access to documents for permitting, and a virtual mailbox powered by PilotoMail.

Open Workspace

Cafe Global membership

A comfy spot in our shared spaces. Includes 24/7 access.

Dedicated Desk

Estacion membership

A desk that’s reserved just for you in one location. Includes 24/7 access, ergonomic chair, and file cabinet.

Private Office

Estudio membership

Move-in ready private offices designed with street and Garden views, even Glass Box environments. 

Includes 24/7 access.

Explore our space

Join our community of doers with your own reserved, private office. It’s ideal for those who prefer their own private space, while still enjoying the benefits of coworking. It also offers the convenience of staying after hours, catching up on work during the weekends, and access to a conference room.

The Spaces
The Features

All-inclusive amenities

Extra extra. Read all about it.

All Piloto 151 memberships are month-to-month, with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership and without requiring long-term commitment. It’s a win-win.

As a United States Postal Certified Mail Receiving Agency, Piloto 151 is fully compliant with federal laws and regulations to receive and handle your mail. Featuring our sophisticated mail handling service and our digital mailbox, Piloto Mail, you can choose how we handle each piece of mail you receive.

  • Exclusive premium business address use: Use our prime business addresses as your main business address for everything (business or personal correspondence, official government documents, permitting, bank account, business cards, etc.
  • Digital scanning of all mail to your virtual mailbox: Up to 40 pages per month and 50 for Virtual Global memberships. Additional pages at $0.10 per page.
  • Mail forwarding worldwide: We will forward your mail to the moon and back. No handling fees are included, but forwarding postage is charged separately. As a standard, we use USPS Flat Rate unless otherwise specified.
  • Unlimited Shred Requests: We’ll shred your unwanted mail at no cost.
  • Drive-thru mail pickup services: curbside pickup is available with a 30-minute notice.

All Piloto memberships feature a virtual mailbox by PilotoMail so you’re sure to access and receive important snail mail and packages no matter where you are. It is included in your membership… for free!

How It Works:

You will be notified via native app alerts or emails of your new incoming mail, see a photo of every piece of correspondence, and choose how to you want each piece handled.

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface to view pictures of each mailpiece and decide how you want it handled.
    Fully automated compliance process – no more paper shuffling!
  • Make and automate snail mail handling requests with a click of a button:
    • Mail forwarding worldwide (postage fees apply)
    • Open & Scan
    • Check Deposit ($75/deposit)
    • Shredding / Recycling
    • Schedule Onsite / Curbside Pickups with 30-minutes’ notice
    • Schedule Doorstep Delivery (delivery charges apply)
    • Internal transfer to any Piloto 151 location
  • Designate authorized managers, recipients, and pickup staff to help you handle all those packages and important notifications.

After signing up for any of our memberships, you will receive three documents to begin the permitting process and operate your business in Puerto Rico. You will need to have these on hand when applying for a Carta de Consulta to work under our Permiso Único (Single Permit).

Read more on how permitting works here.

Connect through Wi-Fi to Aeronet’s Gigabit1. Stay secure with no interruptions with network redundancy and Fortinet’s internet security.

Members can print, scan to email, and make copies.

Charges will be added to your account.

  • $0.10/copy for B&W
  • $0.20/copy for color

Our lounges, indoor patios, and terraces are perfect for getting to know our community, quick meetings with a guest, taking a call, and enjoying a coffee break.

Meet with peace of mind in the itinerary.

Our Santurce Parada 18 conference room seats up to 10 guests around a conference room table.

It features a 65″ screen for presentations and video conferencing, an extra-large double-sided whiteboard, a telephony system with full conference call capability, and Gigabit1 speed internet from Aeronet with WiFi connection.

Check real-time availability and book the conference room here or reach out to the front desk.

Stocked kitchen with complimentary freshly-brewed coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks, and refrigerators and microwaves to prep your lunch.

Piloto staff is onsite Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM for tours, reception services, and front-desk help.

With a dedicated membership, members get 24/7 access to their space.

Our phone booths are quiet spots to take a phone or video call. 

During the evening, our cleaning crew does their stuff to keep all Piloto locations looking their best. This includes deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces, inclusive of private offices and workstations. The refrigerator is cleaned out on Fridays to keep it fresh (except anything noted by a member). 

All Piloto151 locations are equipped with a water cistern and power generators in case of emergencies or power outages.

Santurce Parada 18 conference room

The Conference Room

Impress your clients and team with our conference room at our Santurce Parada 18 location. Whether you need a space for a client meeting, team building session, or just a conference call, we created a space with your needs in mind.


Book by the hour as a visitor
Members get 40% off 

Day passes

Pay as you work. Settle in a spot in our designated coworking areas, connect via Wi-Fi to Gigabit1 by Aeronet, and grab coffee, tea and snacks from our stocked kitchen.


/ 1 day pass


/ 5 day passes


/ 10 day passes


Schedule a visit or call us for office availability.

For visitors and members without a parking card, the Metro Plaza parking lot across the street is accessible at an hourly rate.

Book a tour and find office space in Santurce.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Let’s chit-chat.

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Café Global Membership gives you access 24/7 to our designated coworking areas in a shared space. No need to reserve; just check-in and use any available workspace. Because it’s not reserved, you choose a spot every day. It includes 1 complimentary conference room hour.

An Estación Membership includes a reserved desk in an open area shared with other members, a lockable file cabinet, and an ergonomic chair by Herman Miller from the MOS Collection. It’s dedicated, so you can leave your things like a desktop computer without having to take everything at the end of the day. You also have 24/7 access to your desk and 2 complimentary conference room hours every month. 

An Estudio Membership includes a fully furnished private office for a team of 1-8 people. It’s furnished with desks, a lockable file cabinet, and ergonomic chairs by Herman Miller from the MOS Collection. You also get 24/7 access to your space and 4 complimentary conference room hours every month. Pricing depends upon office layout, capacity, and location. 

Suites Membership includes a fully-furnished, spacious private Suite for teams of 2-12 people. It’s furnished with desks, lockable file cabinets, and ergonomic chairs by Herman Miller from the MOS Collection. You also get 24/7 access to your space and 6 complimentary conference room hours every month. It also includes standing desks, a parking spot, and a Global Pass. 

When signing up, choose one space as your home base for address, mail pickup, and coworking access. 

Most memberships include a Global Pass to cowork from any of our locations during our business hours.

Checking in for the day? No need to reserve a spot.

For tours, we welcome walk-ins but recommend booking a spot with our staff. You can receive information ahead of your tour, ensure our availability, and help our team focus on helping you choose the right membership. 

Head over to Bookings to view availability, call the front desk, or visit your account. Our conference room can be booked at 30-minute intervals during our business hours. Bookings outside of these times are subject to availability and an after-hour fee.

Our Santurce Parada 18 coworking space is located in Ave. Ponce de Leon, on the third floor of San Jose Building.

Find directions to the space here.

Piloto 151 staff is onsite between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Day passes and conference room bookings are available exclusively during these hours.

For members with Cafe Global, Estación, Estudio, or Suite memberships, access is unlimited at their chosen coworking space.

Typical services range from mail forwarding, check deposit, copy center printing, additional day passes, conference hours, and parking.

Piloto memberships lets you work under our Unique Permit and our business address. You can cross that off your list.

After signing up for any of our memberships, you will receive 3 documents to fast-track permitting and register to operate your business in Puerto Rico. You will need to have these on hand when applying for a Carta de Consulta to work under our Permiso Único (Single Permit).

Read more on how permitting works here.

We're in good company.

Our ergonomic chairs, high-speed internet, security, and mail management platform are provided by our partners who offer our members unparalleled service.