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Healthy Eats in Puerto Rico

Whether you’re into casual atmospheres or fine dining, you will definitely find healthy foods you’ll love.

POV: you are in PR and, after you have enjoyed one too many frituras, you are wondering what you can do to stay healthy. To start, hydrate, stay active, wear bug spray, slather on sunscreen, and befriend locals. Also, balance the local traditionally heavy cuisine with lighter fare. Check out the places below where you can enjoy healthy and delicious eats around PR. 


You can find fresh, local produce at a plaza del mercado, a typical Puerto Rican farmer’s market. Some also have food vendors and restaurants, so you can enjoy a classic meal of rice and beans. Some towns have a mercado near their town plaza, where produce is available daily.

Open-air markets, which open once or twice a month usually over the weekend, are becoming more popular. They sell local produce, healthy bites, and artisanal goods. A trip to a mercado will give you the true sights, sounds, and tastes of Puerto Rico.

Plaza del Mercado de Santurce

Better known as La Placita, this mercado is a local and tourist favorite. During the day it’s a farmer’s market with plenty of food and produce vendors. At night it turns into a hopping street party with music, bars, and restaurants. ⏰ Open daily from 9 am – 6 pm (closes earlier on Sundays).

Mercado de Rio Piedras

This market is located in Jose de Diego, right in the heart of San Juan, and encompasses one whole block. It’s a great place to enjoy an inexpensive, yet delicious lunch. You can also buy, sell, and browse through apparel, fresh produce, food stalls, souvenirs, trinkets, and toys. At night, you can enjoy live entertainment and one of the many restaurants and bars in the area.

⏰ Open daily from 9 am – 6 pm (closes earlier on Sundays).

Mercado Agricola Natural Viejo San Juan

Located in front of El Morro in Old San Juan, this open-air mercado gathers various local farmers with the best of their harvest. You can find freshly baked bread, flowers, organic coffee, fruit, vegetables, juices, and even soap.

⏰ Saturdays from 8 am – 12 pm.

Plaza de Comerciantes in San Sebastian

Plaza de Comerciantes is located on the Centro Agropecuario grounds (Route 111 KM 18.5). This place has tons of tables where vendors sell fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee, animals (chickens, bunnies, etc.), handmade crafts, plants, local candy, trinkets, toys, and apparel. ⏰ Fridays from 6 am – 6 pm

Mercado Agro-Ecologico in Aguada

You can find this market at the Plaza Publica Cristobal Colon in Aguada. They sell fruit, yogurt, cheese, snacks, kombucha, and other goodies.

⏰ Sundays from 9 am – 1 pm

Aguadilla Farmer's Market

Located in the parking lot of Khalan Thai restaurant in Aguadilla (Route 110 KM 32.2), Aguadilla’s Farmers Market sells fresh fish, honey, vegetarian food, coffee, juices, fruits, veggies, and baked goods. ⏰ Saturdays from 8 am – 12 pm

Mercados Familiares

You can also find Mercados Familiares running simultaneously around the island. These farmer’s markets are run as part of an initiative by the Puerto Rico Department of Family Affairs (Departamento de la Familia). Through this initiative, not only does the consumer benefit by being able to buy fresh and local produce, but local farmers get to sell their goods directly to the public. They run from 7 am to 3 pm, and you can find a calendar of events on their website.

Restaurants and More...

If instead of a farmer’s market, you are in the mood for a casual dining experience or just simple take-out, try:

🥗 O-MRTK, with locations in Guaynabo, Cupey, and Caguas, offers healthy meals with vegan and vegetarian options. Check out their salmon!

🥗 St. Germain Bistro & Cafe in Old San Juan provides vegan and vegetarian-friendly options with salads, soups, and sandwiches.

🥗 Stuffed Avocado Shop has locations in Guaynabo, Miramar, and Old San Juan, and it serves, you guessed it, avocados stuffed with proteins, vegetables, and more.

🥗 Sambacai sells paninis, acai bowls, and smoothies. Located in Miramar and Ponce.

🥗 Acai Express also has numerous locations throughout the island. They sell superfood bowls, such as acai and pitaya bowls.

🥗 Arepas To Go & More specializes in arepas, but also offers fresh juices, smoothies, cachapas, salads, and other delicious food options. They have 3 locations, two in Aguadilla and one in Rincon.

For delicious farm-to-table food, check out:

🥗 Paulina Escanes Gourmandize in Condado

🥗 Bacoa in Juncos

🥗 Cocina al Fondo and Vianda, both in Santurce

For a fine dining experience:

🥗 Marmalade Restaurant and Wine Bar in Old San Juan offers veggie-focused tasting menus with a tropical fusion.

🥗 1919, located in the luxury hotel Condado Vanderbilt. The restaurant combines a fine dining experience while incorporating local ingredients.

These are only a couple of examples of the many eateries throughout the island that serve healthy, delicious food. Whether you’re into casual atmospheres or fine dining, you will definitely find something you’ll love. Feel free to eat around P.R. to find your favorite eats for a full belly and a happy, healthy heart ♥️.

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