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Operate your business in Puerto Rico

Doing more, worrying less. That’s what your workday should sound like.  Sign up for our virtual office membership featuring our virtual mailbox services to save time + money. It includes documents to fast-track permitting, a physical business address, and access to our permitting and Act 60 partners.

The documents

After signing up for any of our memberships, you will receive three documents to begin the permitting process and operate your business in Puerto Rico. You will need to have these on hand when applying for a Carta de Consulta to work under our Permiso Único (Single Permit). 

Certification Letter

Our Certification Letter assures you are indeed a Piloto151 member.

Copy of our Permiso Único

To operate under our Permiso Único, request a Carta de Consulta with this copy. 

Coworking Agreement

This is an agreement of our Terms & Conditions. Make sure to sign and email back for us to countersign. 

Relocation, permits, oh my!

We'll get you ready for soft landing.

From incorporating your business and real estate brokering, to permitting and certification under Puerto Rico’s world-class tax incentives including Act 60, we’ll connect you with our partners Stolberg Law to prepare your business for landing in paradise. Stolberg Law is a business and corporate law firm specializing in Puerto Rico tax incentive certification, real estate and venture capital transactions. 

Piloto 151 is located on one of the world’s tax incentive capitals. Our partnerships ensures that members are fully informed about the benefit of relocation. Learn more about how they could benefit you, and discover how paradise doesn’t end at our beaches.

What permits are needed to operate a business in Puerto Rico?

To start operating in Puerto Rico, most businesses need to apply for three main permits, Registro de ComerciantePermiso Unico and Patente Municipal.  Follow for an overview of the permitting process.
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