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Marbete Digital

Getting Your Digital Car Tag (Marbete) in Puerto Rico

A new electronic tag has replaced the traditional car tag, or marbete, that is affixed to the front window of your vehicle. 


What is a Marbete Digital?

It’s the new electronic tag that has replaced the traditional car tag, known in Puerto Rico as el marbete. The traditional marbete was affixed to the front window of your vehicle and is renewed yearly. In Puerto Rico, vehicle inspection and registration are combined into one process along with the enforcement of mandatory liability auto insurance (compared to some states where there are two separate processes with two separate stickers). 

If your eligible vehicle already has an AutoExpreso Toll Stamp, you can register it through CESCO Digital (think DMV) so it also serves as a Marbete Digital. You can also register it during your renewal process (marbete renewal info here). Once you have your Marbete Digital, you will not need to replace the sticker seal annually (but you will have to inspect your car every year).

If you are new to renewing your car tag in Puerto Rico, know that the DTOP usually does not mail out renewal reminders, so it is up to you to remember. However, if you download the CESCO app (Centros de Servicios al Conductor, the DMV of Puerto Rico), you will receive a notice of renewal through the app. *

This is the digital car tag or digital marbete that will replace the traditional marbete.
Marbete Digital

Important Things to Know About the Marbete Digital

  1. The Marbete Digital is based on the electronic stamp used for AutoExpreso tolls. To register, you must already have an eligible AutoExpreso toll stamp affixed to the window of your vehicle or the headlight of your motorbike. If you don’t have one and want to get one at no extra charge, you can wait for your next in-person renewal to receive one. FYI: Toll and marbete systems are not integrated, so they will remain separate processes.
    🚨Hot tip! These toll stamps have a number beginning with “PRHT”. Have this number on hand as you will be asked for it when you’re registering online for the marbete digital.

  2. Starting September 1st, 2023, vehicle owners need to renew their registration through the CESCO Digital app (iPhone or Android). For registering, you can also use the app or the www.cescodigital.pr.gov portal. Once your vehicle is eligible, you’ll receive instructions to complete the registration. You can also pay the annual fee and choose your compulsory insurance through the CESCO Digital app or portal.

  3. The renewal process can be completed digitally or in person. You can still visit authorized centers or sales points (inspection centers, banks, collection offices, and cooperatives) if you prefer to renew in person.

    🚨Important! Do not remove the traditional marbete from your car before it has expired, have had your car inspected, and have paid the annual fee. Your marbete expires the last day of the month indicated in the car tag. Vehicle inspection remains mandatory to renew your marbete!

🗣️ A vehicle becomes eligible for renewal 31 days before the expiration date of its tag.

  • If it has expired, you can still carry out the renewal process. You will not be able to carry out the renewal process under the following conditions:‍
    • The vehicle has unpaid toll charges and/or toll fines
    • Critical Liens

  • You will not be able to carry out the renewal process through CESCO Digital under the following conditions:‍
    • Your vehicle has unpaid toll charges and/or toll fines
    • Tag renewal is in process at CESCO Digital
    • Transfer is in process at CESCO Digital
    • You have an active payment plan
    • Critical Liens

How to Renew Your "Marbete Digital"

  1. Go to the CESCO app and follow the prompts to register your digital car tag (if this is your first time renewing your digital tag). See the pictures below.
  2. Take your car to get inspected. It costs $20 (some places are cash only FYI). For car inspection locations click here or in Google Maps search “Renewal Tag Center” or “Centro de Inspección”.
    🚨 For the car inspection, you need to take:
    • Your car’s vehicle license (print your vehicle’s license from DTOP’s website, CESCO digital, or download the CESCO app on your phone). Bring all copies with you.
    • A certificate of insurance, if you have private car insurance. Make sure to request from your car insurance company ahead of time!
      • If you don’t have private insurance, then you will only choose compulsory insurance (mandatory liability auto insurance). If you do have private insurance, then you will also need compulsory insurance (you will choose this in the app after your car inspection when you’re paying the marbete fee).
  3. Once the car passes the vehicle inspection, the person inspecting your car will give you a Report of Inspection (Reporte de Inspección) that you use to pay for the inspection.
  4. Once the inspection is done, you will automatically receive a notification from the CESCO Digital app that your car inspection was completed. At this time, follow the prompts on the app so you can complete and pay the digital marbete fee. The fee will vary depending on the type of compulsory insurance you choose.

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