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P.O. Box vs Virtual Mailbox

Choosing a virtual mailbox is more than just an address — it’s the start of your entire business and/or relocation journey to Puerto Rico. 

Are you moving to Puerto Rico and considering the Act 60 tax decree or opening a business? Do you need a place for your business address and mail to call home? Choosing a virtual mailbox is more than just an address — it’s the start of your entire business and/or relocation journey to Puerto Rico. 

If you are starting your business, our Virtual Mailbox is the answer!  If you are considering a traditional P.O. Box, here we break down the differences between each and the benefits of having a Virtual Mailbox with Piloto 151 for Puerto Rico for your business and/or startup and how it differs from a PO Box.

P.O. Box

A P.O. Box is a lockable mailbox by the United States Post Office (USPS) physically located at most Post Office locations and offered to anyone who requires more than home delivery or general delivery. 


  • You get a permanent street address.
  • You get to keep your home address private.
  • PO Boxes are usually accessed by a lock and key.


  • Most states will not allow you to use a PO Box (or your home address for that matter) when registering your business as an LLC or corporation.
  • Bank and merchant services typically will not accept a PO Box as your main business location. That means you would not be able to open a business bank account with only a PO Box.
  • Google does not allow businesses to register on Google My Business with a PO Box, since a physical business address is required. This improves your online footprint and reaches more clients.
  • PO Box service is provided in 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month increments.

Who is it for?

For those who just require the basic needs from a mailbox service. It will provide a physical address for mailing address purposes. 

Who is it NOT for?

Registering an LLC or corporation or if you travel and work remotely. 

Virtual Mailbox Services

virtual mailbox, included in virtual office memberships, is a digital mailbox for your mail and packages. By nature, you have 24/7 access to your mailbox by simply logging in to your account online. From there, you can view your incoming mail and request to have it opened and scanned, forwarded, or delivered to an address anywhere in the world, shredded, or even have a check deposited. Best of all: you can do it all remotely. 

Check our virtual service offering here!


  • The address is a physical office location with a real street address that can be used for almost all purposes, personal and business.
  • It sets the tone for a professional business image.
  • Use it as a permanent address, even if you are moving constantly. 
  • You receive notifications on your incoming mail. It also saves your mail digitally so you access it anytime.
  • Log in and manage all paper mail: request to have your mail scanned, checks deposited, junk mail securely shredded, forwarded if needed – all remotely. 
  • You can forward mail from multiple homes or businesses to one virtual address to access online.
  • Accepted by banks and merchants. 
  • Virtual Membership that includes a virtual mailbox can offer Registered Agents services.
  • You can register on Google My Business since it is a physical address. 
  • Flexibility of month-to-month payment.

Who is it for?

For those who want the option to manage their mail and packages remotely, along with all the features of a traditional PO Box and more.

Who is it NOT for?

It’s pretty much for everyone.

Here are a few of the perks you get with a Virtual Office Membership from Piloto 151:

                                                 PO Box        Virtual Mailbox
Business AddressX
Incorporation purposesX
Professional business imageX
Receives mail from all couriersX
For travelersX
For remote businessX
Live SupportX
Sends you a notifications as you get mailX
Scans and forwards your mailX
Access 24/7PhysicalLimitedUnlimited Online Access
PaymentMinimum 3 monthsMonth-to-Month
Accepted by banks and merchant servicesLimited
Registered AgentX
Google My BusinessX
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