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Transferring Car Title

Transferring Your Car Title in Puerto Rico

When you send a vehicle from the United States to Puerto Rico, it is necessary to register your car title through the Department of Public Works (CESCO)

When you send a vehicle from the United States to Puerto Rico, it is necessary to register your car title through the Department of Public Works (CESCO). This document certifies who is the registered owner of the vehicle. The title also preserves and organizes the indexes or records that are necessary to facilitate the ordering of the information on that specific vehicle. It is issued by the Secretary of Transportation and authorizes the motor vehicle to be driven on the public roads and highways of Puerto Rico.

Like most states, Puerto Rico offers you a 30-day window to register your car after your move, and some states require you to purchase a new vehicle title, as well.

The documents you need to register your vehicle:

  • Updated and valid identity documents (original and copy)
    • If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must have a passport or other document that proves that you are a foreigner.
    • Social Security
    • Valid photo ID
  • Form DTOP-776 “Application to Register Motor Vehicles”
  • Certificate of Origin or Property Title of the Vehicle (read more below)
  • Tax Sheet (Form SC-2042) (Hoja de arbitrios de hacienda)
  • Proof of internal income code 2024 (Comprobante de rentas internas código 2024)
  • Proof of internal income code 0842 (Comprobante de rentas internas código 0842)
  • Gas Emission Inspection Certificate, if applicable.

If you are a company or corporation, you need:

  • Evidence from the Department of State of PR or the country where the company originates
  • Employer Social Security Evidence
  • Letter from the company authorizing a representative to carry out the transaction
  • Valid photo identification
  • You can apply for vehicle registration by visiting the Department of Public Works website.

To register your vehicle from a state that uses the title system, a property title must be presented that gathers the following data:

  • The name of the applicant
  • Identify if the title was transferred or if there are any liens
  • If there is a lien:
    • The lien must appear canceled, or
    • Include a certification from the entity that financed the purchase of the vehicle, stating its authorization for it to be transferred to Puerto Rico
    • The person must pay the Secretary the corresponding money
  • If you do not have a title, you must process an application before the Court of First Instance for an authorization with the Public Ministry
  • If the car comes from a state or country that does not use the title system, the Registration Document is necessary, with the seal of the State and the Document of sale (bill of sale) recognized before a notary or notary with signature.
  • If it was purchased at auction, a Public Auction Document is required that duly identifies the authorized auctioneer
  • Certificate of transfer- Certificate of release
  • Insurance company sales document
  • Any other document that the Secretary finds sufficient, as established by the regulations, to prove ownership of the vehicle
  • For a certificate of title to be issued, it is necessary to present a receipt or accrediting document that states that the corresponding excise taxes for that vehicle have been paid to the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury. These taxes arise by law and vary between vehicles by type, brand, cost, etc.
  • The vehicle must be registered. Once the registration is accepted by the Secretary, he or she will issue a certificate of title to the owner.
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